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    Application of Sodium Hydroxide in Sewage Treatment-News

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    Application of Sodium Hydroxide in Sewage Treatment


    Sodium hydroxide, as a basic chemical raw material, is widely used in the textile industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, metallurgical industry, urban construction, etc. In fact, it also plays a good role in water treatment.

    Sodium hydroxide is widely used in water treatment. In sewage treatment plants, sodium hydroxide can reduce the hardness of water through neutralization. In the industrial field, it is a regenerant for ion exchange resin regeneration. Sodium hydroxide is strongly alkaline and has relatively high solubility in water. Because sodium hydroxide is liquid, it is easy to measure the dosage and is conveniently used in various fields of water treatment.

    The role of sodium hydroxide in the water treatment system: eliminate the hardness of the water; adjust the pH of the water; neutralize the wastewater; regeneration of the ion exchange resin; eliminate heavy metal ions in the water by precipitation.

    Sodium hydroxide is a white solid. To use sodium hydroxide, first dissolve the sodium hydroxide. Add the sodium hydroxide to the water and stir while adding to prevent local overheating until it is completely dissolved. If you need a fixed volume, use a little less water, wait for it to dissolve, let it cool, and then use water to set the volume. In addition, the remaining sodium hydroxide can not be discarded casually, it must be neutralized with acid, and then processed.