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Investment agency

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    Investment agency

    Address:lekja, Lagos Nigeria


    Investment cooperation
    Conditions for investment promotion and cooperation:
    1. In mainland China, we have product entity research and development, industry leading level, perfect quality assurance and product delivery capacity, and perfect service system
    2. Operate in compliance with regulations and have import and export license
    Contact information in mainland China:
    Tel: Mr. Lei 13430798234 same wechat number
    Address: Yinfeng Industrial Park, Hangcheng street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

    Agency cooperation
    Agency region or country:
    Abuja, Kano, Benin, Enugu, Niger, Ethiopia, Cameroon
    Agency qualification:
    Local residents or local Chinese who have obtained green card have certain economic strength, fixed business place and sales team
    Preferential policies:
    The company provides unified product knowledge training, provides first-class products and services, rewards when the sales performance reaches the company's regulations, and arranges to study and travel in China.
    Africa contact:
    Tel: Mr. Lei      + 234 9064483714  + 86 13430798234
          Mr. Chen   + 234 9064487180  + 86 13662621812
    Address: lekja, Lagos Nigeria
    Email: Chunjie lei@163.com