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 Social Responsibility

Nigeria Huazheng Chemical Co., Ltd. takes safety and environmental protection as its own duty; in the process of large-scale industrialization, ecological damage and water resources are very serious. Human beings have paid a heavy price for this. In order to ensure sustainable development, the company attaches great importance to safety production and environmental protection, strengthens cooperation with excellent enterprises in various industries, optimizes production flow and improves production process to get harmonious coexistence with natural environment.

1、Honest and Trustworthy
     Every product sold by Huazheng Chemical Co., Ltd. comes from the excellent enterprises in beautiful China, providing customers with first-class products and services
2、High Quality and Efficiency
     All employees of Huazheng chemical are ready to work with a positive and down-to-earth attitude.
3、Focus and Professional
     Huazheng chemical strives to build an elite force in the chemical industry. It establishs a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with professional research institutes and leading chemical enterprises, achieves mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and constantly improves the quality and specialization level of the company's talents.

Nigeria Huazheng Chemical Co., Ltd. takes social responsibility as its responsibility, cooperation and win-win as its concept, honesty and trustworthiness as its principle. Based on first-class products and services, with Nigeria as the outpost to cover  Africa, we are bound to usher in a better tomorrow!