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    Emergency treatment of sodium hypochlorite leakage-News

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    Emergency treatment of sodium hypochlorite leakage

    If sodium hypochlorite leaks in the process of production or use, it will seriously affect the normal operation and even cause accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure safe operation, we need to take the following emergency measures:

    1. Personnel in the contaminated area due to sodium hypochlorite leakage shall be evacuated to a safe area and isolated.

    2. Emergency treatment personnel shall wear self-contained positive pressure respirator and acid and alkali resistant work clothes.

    3. The staff shall not directly contact the leakage, and cut off the leakage source as much as possible.

    4. In case of small leakage, it can be absorbed by sand, vermiculite or other inert materials.

    5. When there is a great deal of leakage, it can build a dike or dig a hole to accommodate sodium hypochlorite, or cover it with foam, reduce steam disaster, or transfer the pump to the tank car or special collector, and recover or transport it to the disposal place of waste disposal.