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Zinc stearate-Ceramic chemical industry

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Zinc stearate


Zinc stearate (c36h70o4zn)

Alias: zinc stearate; zinc stearate; zinc stearate (light); zinc stearate; zinc stearate; zinc stearate.

Product characteristics: the chemical name is zinc stearate, molecular formula: c36h70o4zn, white powder, non-toxic, greasy, insoluble in water, soluble in hot ethanol, benzene, turpentine and other organic solvents, when heat and strong acid, can be decomposed into stearic acid and corresponding salts.

Application: zinc stearate is widely used in plastics, rubber, paint, ceramics, cosmetics, machinery, ink and other industries. It can be used as heat stabilizer, lubricant, grease, accelerator, thickener, etc. For example, it can be used as heat stabilizer of PVC resin. It can be used in general industrial transparent products; when used with calcium soap, it can be used for non-toxic products. Generally, this product is mostly used for soft products, but in recent years, hard transparent products such as mineral water bottles and water pipes have been used. This product has good lubricity, can improve the scale precipitation phenomenon, and can also be used as lubricating agent, release agent, leveling agent of paint and additive of coating.

Packaging: the product is packed in double-layer plastic woven bags lined with plastic film, each bag has a net weight of 20kg or 10kg.
Storage and transportation: the product is moisture-proof, anti drench, sun proof, and stored in a cool and dry place.