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    What is the action of sodium hypochlorite-News

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    What is the action of sodium hypochlorite

    Sodium hypochlorite is the hypochlorite of sodium, which has been applied in many fields. Next, the sodium hypochlorite manufacturer will introduce the main function of this product in detail!

    1. Sodium hypochlorite can be used as bleaching agent for pulp, textile, chemical fiber and starch.

    2. It can be used as bleaching agent of oil in soap industry.

    3. In the chemical industry, it can be used to produce hydrazine hydrate, monochloramine and dichloramine.

    4. It can be used as water purification agent, bactericide and disinfectant in water treatment.

    5. In the field of organic industry, it can be used to manufacture the detergent of chloropicrin and calcium carbide hydration to acetylene.

    6. In agriculture and animal husbandry, it can be used as disinfectant and deodorant for vegetables, fruits, feedlots and livestock houses.

    7. Food grade sodium hypochlorite can be used for the disinfection of beverage water, fruits and vegetables, the sterilization of food manufacturing equipment and appliances, but it can not be used in the food production process with sesame as the raw material.