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    A new understanding of chemical products in the situation the novel coronavirus-News

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    A new understanding of chemical products in the situation the novel coronavirus

    With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, people's lives are seriously threatened. In order to prevent COVID-19, everyone snapped up protective equipments such as masks and disinfectants, therefore there was a shortage of those protective materials. Many people are beginning to learn how masks are produced and what raw materials are needed. At first, people thought that the mask was just a piece of cloth. Later, they learned that the fibers in the spunbond non-woven fabric and the polypropylene in the melt-blown non-woven fabric are required by the mask. The main material of protective clothing is cotton fiber,  polyester or Synthetic fiber. The main component of medical alcohol is ethanol. The main components of disinfectant are sodium hypochlorite, p-chloro-xylenol, and peroxide. All these materiare the main products of the chemical industry. At a time when people's lives are seriously threatened, the indispensability and irreplaceability of chemicals are once again demonstrated, and the vital importance of chemicals and chemical materials is once again proven.

    When people did n’t understand chemical industry before, they thought that chemical industry was polluting, poisonous, and harmful. In fact, we cannot live without chemical products. There is almost nothing in life that can be separated from the chemical industry, such as our common cosmetics, food additives, clothing ... Chemical products are widely used in chemical industry, medicine, mining, energy, transportation, storage, construction, agriculture, light industry, Daily chemical, food, health, scientific research, education and many other fields.