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    The difference between titanium white powder and titanium dioxide-News

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    The difference between titanium white powder and titanium dioxide


    Many people are not very clear about the difference between titanium white powder and titanium dioxide. Some people say that titanium white powder is titanium dioxide. In fact, this statement is relatively neutral. It cannot be said that it is correct, but it can also not be said tit is wrong. Titanium white powder is a commodity in the strict sense, mainly made of titanium dioxide, while titanium dioxide is a chemical name. The properties of pure titanium dioxide have similarities and differences with titanium dioxide.

    Pure titanium dioxide has fixed physical and chemical properties. The lower the impurity content, the purer it is. Its inherent properties such as crystal form, crystal system, relative density, melting point, boiling point, Moh's hardness, refractive index, thermal conductivity and other physical properties are fixed, and chemical properties are also stable.

    When titanium white powder is used as a white pigment, chemical substances such as salt treatment agents, dispersants, and surface coating agents must be added to reduce the purity of titanium dioxide and change the surface properties in order to obtain better dispersibility, weather resistance and other pigment application performance. Therefore, when titanium dioxide is used as titanium  white powder, it is not that the higher the purity, the better the content is, but its basic properties such as refractive index and chemical inertia remain unchanged.