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    How to tell the authenticity of titanium dioxide-News

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    How to tell the authenticity of titanium dioxide

    * Physical Methods

    1. The easiest way is to compare their hand feel. The fake titanium dioxide is smoother, the real titanium dioxide is more astringent;

    2. Water flushing. with some titanium dioxide on your hands, fake ones are easy to wash away, real ones are not easy to wash away;

    3. Throw titanium dioxide into a glass of water. The one that floats up is true, and the one that settles down is false (if it is an activated modified product, this method will not work).

    * Chemical Methods

    1. Fake titanium dioxide mixed with light calcium or heavy calcium: adding dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, it will come with bubbles and make the clear lime water cloudy, because calcium carbonate will react with acid to produce carbon dioxide;

    2. Fake titanium dioxide with mixed with lithopone powder: add dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, it will come with smell of rotten eggs;

    3. Fake titanium dioxide made into latex paint, adding iron red, with dark color: The one with poor covering power is fake or poor quality titanium dioxide.

    * Other Methods

    1. Using the same PP + 30% GF + 5% PP-G-MAH + 0.5% titanium dioxide, the lower the strength, the truer the titanium dioxide (rutile).

    2. Choose a transparent resin, such as transparent ABS + 0.5% titanium dioxide, and measure the light transmittance. The lower the light transmittance, the more true the titanium dioxide.